Why a home page on the XT600 Yamaha electronic ignition?

Incidentally! Following the third CDI out of order on my motorcycle bought in 1986, I wonder what to do of this worthless bike?

– To throw it !
– Buy a new ignition in a scrapyard? (about 150 €uros, hard to find a working one…)
– Buy a new ignition for 465 €uros? This is approximately what the bike was worthing!
– At last, a not investigated possibility remained: a DIY CDI! Hence this web site…

I suggest 5 differents ways to build your own CDI, hoping that my experience will be useful for other bikers.

You will need:

  1. A few mechanical knowledge.
  2. Electronics skills.
  3. The Workshop Manual.
  4. Measuring equipments (multimeter, scope 2 channels if possible).