v2.2 Characteristics. Easy to build. or ready to use in the SHOP. Advance curve slightly adjustable. Need a working charging coil for the capacitor. Don’t need a battery No rev-limiter DOWNLOAD AC-CDI Analog v2.2 To make the PCB PCB.pdf Parts list To build the CDI Schematic.pdf components.jpg To wire the CDI Wiring HowTo hock this CDI on Yamaha XT600 Printed Circuit Boards and Ready to use CDI are available for sale !   This circuit replace the genuine CDI. The charging coil produces a alternative voltage around 50Vac at idle to 200Vac at high RPM. Output from Charging coil: This tension is rectify by the bridge B1, and loads C1 to a average voltage of 270Vcc. Tension at the SCR anode (at 1700rpm): Both pickups gives AC pulses from ±10v (at idle) until ±20v (at WOT) The 12° pickup (white/green) is used for idle and low RPM while 36° pickup (white/red) is used for high RPM. (The green wire is the common of the both sensors) At startup and idle, positive pulses coming from the 12° pickup goes through D1-R2 then trigger the SCR T1. T1 discharge the energy stored in the capacitor C1 into the primary of the ignition … Continue reading AC-CDI ANALOG