AC-CDI 16F628 v7.9

NEWS APR.2019: v7.9 software is out there for many years now and has help a lot of DIYselfer. To continue to maintain the quality and allow improvements while developing others products as V9 wireless AC-CDI, CDI tester and soon TCI versions, I have chosen to switch V7.9 software into a paid product. A free trial version is available for download in the Shop section. CHARACTERISTICS. Adaptable to other single-cylinder bikes. Accuracy (0.15°/8000RPM). Advance curve is in EEPROM and can be freely modified Optional rev-limiter Need a working charging coil for the capacitor. Need a 6 or 12v battery DOWNLOAD PIC 16F628A 600 to 30000rpm Make the PCB: PCB   Build the CDI: Schematic Partlist Draw the advance curve: Excel file Burn the PIC: Firmware Icprog.exe (Source code is not available.) HOW DOES IT WORK? In the following I describe how this CDI works on a XT600 which have 2 pickup at 12° and 36°BTDC. but it works too with others values or with only one pickup. If the bike has only one pickup, connect it to the 36° input and leave the 12° input unconnected. The SCR receives the pulse from the 12° pickup to directly trigger the SCR via … Continue reading AC-CDI 16F628 v7.9