Features AC-CDI For ONE or TWO* cylinders For [2 strokes engines] and for [4 strokes engines with wasted spark*] * On 4stk engines with 1 pickup on the crankshaft, one spark occur at compression stroke and one at exhaust stroke. Firing in the exhaust stroke is a wasted spark. Hence the name… Microprocessor control unit Wireless and easy programming and the fly via smartphone or laptop Compatible Android, IPhone. Windows, Linux Programming security: Only possible when engine is stopped. Only possible when ignition key is ON. One programmable ignition curve Rev from 200 to 20,000 RPM Adjustable timing in 10 steps from 1000 to 10,000RPM Adjustable timing at very low RPM (~250RPM) Soft rev limiter. 1 input for a inductive pickup Selectable pickup polarity (2 types) 1 output for a capacitive coil type Non volatile configuration Tachometer output Kill switch Power supply voltage DC 8 to 16 volts Current consumption: 10mA in Ignition mode (80mA during Wifi mode) Protected against reverse supply voltage Dimensions: 80 x 55 x 34mm (3.2×2.2×1.3inch) Plastic box Made in France Only available in the SHOP section Source and hardware not available Cylinders: Single-cylinder: If there is one separate pickup => This AC-CDI works. If there … Continue reading AC-CDI v9