Design to simulate pickup at different RPM to test TCI, CDI, Tachometers, Power valves and ignition coils. And to extract the advance curve from a Digital TCI or CDI.   READY TO USE unit available for sale in the SHOP section. KIT available for sale in the SHOP section. SIMULATION Range 1000 to 12000RPM in 12 steps. Simulate a Hall sensor (square +12v signal). Adjustable width from 10 to 60 degrees. Imitate a VR (Variable Reluctance AKA Pickup coil) with both polarities: Positive than Negative or the opposite. Simulate a rotor bar length that define the delay between first and second sine. The “length” is adjustable from 10 to 60 degrees.   ADVANCE DIAGNOSTIC. The most advanced feature! With the help of a Capacitive Probe hooked to the sparkplug wire, this tester can time the duration between pickup and spark and display the advance timing of the TCI/CDI under test.   The start of timing is selectable between First or Second sine. Detect RPM limiter Can test Digital CDI/TCI (with processor inside) Cannot test simple analog CDI like GY6 (using only resistors and capacitors) as the advance timing comes mainly from the VR, not from those CDI. OSCILLOSCOPE. Tester comes … Continue reading CDI TESTER