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Design to simulate pickup at different RPM to test TCI, CDI, Tachometers, Power valves and ignition coils. And to extract the advance curve from a Digital TCI or CDI.   READY TO USE unit available for sale in the SHOP section. KIT available for sale in the SHOP section. SIMULATION Range 1000 to 12000RPM in 12 steps. Simulate a Hall sensor (square +12v signal). Adjustable width from 10 to .


Features AC-CDI For ONE or TWO* cylinders For and for * On 4stk engines with 1 pickup on the crankshaft, one spark occur at compression stroke and one at exhaust stroke. Firing in the exhaust stroke is a wasted spark. Hence the name… Microprocessor control unit Wireless and easy programming and the fly via smartphone or laptop Compatible Android, IPhone. .