AC-CDI Honda XR400

ADAPTATION to fit a Honda XR250 / XR400R Done by   Characteristics Based on AC-CDI PIC16f84 v5.4 For single. 1 advance curve. No kickback.   Introduction Andrew has build a AC-CDI for his 2002 XR400R. Mains changes are: – He use a 2.2uf 380v capacitor, and the same configuration of the rectifier diodes he saw into the original cdi. – No battery is used and the cdi is directly .

AC-CDI Suzuki DR600

A adaptation from   Features Based on : PIC16f628 v6.5 for singlecylinder. 1 advance curve programmed. No RPM limitation.   Introduction. This adaptation was design for a DR600 SJ model 1988 that use a CDI with 2 sensors, this adaptation does not work on previous models with only one single sensor. The working is quite similar to the XT 600, just reverse two wires.. Be aware that the pickup .

DC-CDI 16F628 v2.1

  Adaptation done by:   Characteristics Same software as AC-CDI v7 For single cyl. 1 advance curve. No alternator.   DOWNLOAD PIC 16F628A v2.1 DC-CDI Schematic PCB Board layout Partlist Eagle files   How does it works? The software is the one from the AC-CDI version 7 but the High Voltage is no more coming from a charging coil, but it’s generating from the 12v battery. A UC3845 is .


A great job from  Ivan A Gritskov from Russia.   Synoptic.   working. Ivan has used the Atmel DC-CDI originaly designed for a XT600, and modify it in order to fit a DRZ400S. He also used a Tiny2313 which has the same pinout a 89C2051, except the Reset pin which work in a opposite way. The software has been re-writed using BASIC-AVR and the advance curve has been changed .

AC-CDI 90S1200

A great job from  !   Characteristics. CDI type monocylinder Need a battery 5 advances curves in memory Maximum RPM: 10.000rpm Digital tachometer temperature display. Temperature measurement (20° to 150°C) Alarm on maximum temp. and max rpm. Adjustable position of the pickup (35° by default) Accuracy: 1.2° at 10.000rpm Software source available (.ASM).   Advance curve. Each curves are defined by 2 couples of values: One couple [ rpm .