Are the CDI of differents XT600 compatibles? Until 1989, CDI of the XT550/XT600/SRX600/TT600 are electrically compatible but don’t have the same advance curve! Although connectors, wiring and colors could be different with sometimes 2 or 3 more wires: Blue: connected to ground when neutral. Blue/yellow: connected to ground when side-stand in place (disconnected when sidestand open) Sky-Blue: wire to neutral lamp (2KF wiring). Since 1990 XT are fitted out .


IGNITIONS Ignition, regulators for Japanese (ab 120 €) repairs Motoplat,SEM coils and stators (125 €) A PIC based ignition for 2strokes airplanes models. CDI System Diagrams Replacement CDI Module DIY Useful printable Degree Wheel O-SCOPE Sound card interface Sound card interface Audacity Sound card recorder – Linux / Windows Visual Analyser Project Sound card oscilloscope – Windows Miniscope Sound card oscilloscope .