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AC-CDI Suzuki DR600

A adaptation from   Features Based on : PIC16f628 v6.5 for singlecylinder. 1 advance curve programmed. No RPM limitation.   Introduction. This adaptation was design for a DR600 SJ model 1988 that use a CDI with 2 sensors, this adaptation does not work on previous models with only one single sensor. The working is quite similar to the XT 600, just reverse two wires.. Be aware that the pickup .

AC-CDI 90S1200

A great job from  !   Characteristics. CDI type monocylinder Need a battery 5 advances curves in memory Maximum RPM: 10.000rpm Digital tachometer temperature display. Temperature measurement (20° to 150°C) Alarm on maximum temp. and max rpm. Adjustable position of the pickup (35° by default) Accuracy: 1.2° at 10.000rpm Software source available (.ASM).   Advance curve. Each curves are defined by 2 couples of values: One couple [ rpm .

AC-CDI Yamaha

  How Yamaha’s CDI WORKS? (Thanks to Mike and Gottfried who provide a “naked” CDI)   Description In the cover of alternator are two pickup coil exciting by two magnets fixed to the flywheel. Each time a magnet pass in front of a sensor, this one provide one positive pulse followed by a negative one when the magnet leave the sensor. Yamaha, Kawasaki Honda, Suzuki As my cdi ONLY detect .

AC-CDI 16F628 v5.4

This version is discontinued. Consider to build v7 instead! 16F84 or 16F628 based digital ignition. Synoptic. DOWNLOAD PIC 16F628A v6.7   1500 to 40000rpm To make the PCB PCB | Componants prints Eagle v6 files To build the CDI Schematic Partlist To burn the PIC Softwares Source codes (Source code available.) working. The part CDI (Capacitive Discharge Ignition) is described in the page “fixed ignition“. The PIC receives the .