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A great job from  Ivan A Gritskov from Russia.   Synoptic.   working. Ivan has used the Atmel DC-CDI originaly designed for a XT600, and modify it in order to fit a DRZ400S. He also used a Tiny2313 which has the same pinout a 89C2051, except the Reset pin which work in a opposite way. The software has been re-writed using BASIC-AVR and the advance curve has been changed .

AC-CDI 90S1200

A great job from  !   Characteristics. CDI type monocylinder Need a battery 5 advances curves in memory Maximum RPM: 10.000rpm Digital tachometer temperature display. Temperature measurement (20° to 150°C) Alarm on maximum temp. and max rpm. Adjustable position of the pickup (35° by default) Accuracy: 1.2° at 10.000rpm Software source available (.ASM).   Advance curve. Each curves are defined by 2 couples of values: One couple [ rpm .

DC-CDI 89C2051

A great job from  Thomas Schattat from Germany.   Characteristics. Adaptable to other single-cylinder bikes. Tuning of the advance curve (255 points). Software source available (.ASM). 7.500RPM max Compact & economic. Don’t need a alternator. Need a battery Working. Designed for a TT600R, this ignition is generating the High Voltage needed to load the capacitor. It doesn’t need a AC alternator. Circuit MC34063 “DC-DC converter control circuit” switch on/off .