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KTM SEM ignition

  SEM ignition that fitted KTM400LC4 – 1996 to 2002 Flywheel and stator on right side of the bike.   Oscillogram. red charging coil = 200Vac green pickup coil = +/-6Vac black frame ground yellow lighting coil blue lighting coil Click on wire to visualize the signal available on this wire, when the engine idles… Pictures Inside the stator Thanks to Zoli Bihari Stator. Resistances map. OHMs Red green black .


Are the CDI of differents XT600 compatibles? Until 1989, CDI of the XT550/XT600/SRX600/TT600 are electrically compatible but don’t have the same advance curve! Although connectors, wiring and colors could be different with sometimes 2 or 3 more wires: Blue: connected to ground when neutral. Blue/yellow: connected to ground when side-stand in place (disconnected when sidestand open) Sky-Blue: wire to neutral lamp (2KF wiring). Since 1990 XT are fitted out .


IGNITIONS Ignition, regulators for Japanese (ab 120 €) repairs Motoplat,SEM coils and stators (125 €) A PIC based ignition for 2strokes airplanes models. CDI System Diagrams Replacement CDI Module DIY Useful printable Degree Wheel O-SCOPE Sound card interface Sound card interface Audacity Sound card recorder – Linux / Windows Visual Analyser Project Sound card oscilloscope – Windows Miniscope Sound card oscilloscope .